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  This website is your free streaming platform to watch wrestling online. You can enjoy all the popular wrestling events on our websites. WWE, UFC, NXT, and other wrestling entertainment content is available here. Wrestling is a modified form of traditional fights and is globally popular. Different global entertainment brands provide this entertainment for wrestling. Here we will discuss about transformation of wrestling. How has it evolved from traditional fights to global entertainment sports? You can watch all sorts of events, fights, and wrestling matches on this online wrestling website.  

History of Wrestling

  The history of this sport stretches thousands of years back. This sport was used for fights b/w two people. Two fighters take on each other to show their strengths and fighting skills. The main purpose of these fights was to stay fit. These fights developed and transformed into an organized sport. It became part of different cultures in different countries. This sport developed more perfectly in the US. Hence, in the 19th century, the USA launched it as a professional sport with a clear set of rules. It has two forms. These are Amature wrestling and professional wrestling.  

Professional Wrestling

  • It is an enjoyable show with scripted storylines.
  • Wrestlers tackle each other and use theatrics to make fights engaging.
  • Matches purpose is to entertain with dramatic moves and sequences.
  • Wrestlers may use props and gimmicks to feature excitement.
  • Often broadcasted on TV or online for extensive audiences.
  • Wrestlers sell themselves through media appearances.

Amateur Wrestling

  • Fair opposition following strict policies without scripted effects.
  • Wrestlers compete based on talent, athleticism, and rule adherence.
  • Matches cognizance of scoring factors via legal moves.
  • No characters or theatrics; emphasis on sportsmanship and talent.
  • Held at faculties, colleges, and the Olympics, highlighting athletic success.
  • Wrestlers compete in tournaments to show off their abilities and gain recognition.

Top 5 Wrestling Networks

 WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment):

The largest and most well-known wrestling community globally.

AEW (All Elite Wrestling):

  It is known for its clean take on wrestling enjoyment, supplying an opportunity to WWE.

NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling):

  Famous for its sturdy fashion wrestling and international appeal.

Impact Wrestling:

  A main wrestling community with diverse storytelling and talent.

ROH (Ring of Honor):

  Popular for its emphasis on pure wrestling and nurturing new skills.  

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

  World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a big hit globally. It is recognized for its exciting shows and well-known wrestlers.  

Exciting Characters and Shows

  WWE stars like Hulk Hogan and Roman Reigns are not simply wrestlers. They may be like superheroes to lovers. WWE shows are complete with fireworks and cool sets. Moreover, these shows have dramatic stories that keep fans hooked.  

Reaching Everywhere

  WWE comes with global reach for its users around the world. You can Watch Wrestling of WWE in any country and corner of the world. This website may prove your best companion to enjoy WWE WrestleMania and other shows.  


  Some say WWE cares greater about entertainment than sports. Wrestlers' health can suffer from the difficult agenda, and some do not like how WWE does enterprise.    

Monday Night Raw

  • It was started in 1993.
  • Longest-going for walks WWE shows with famous stars and diverse content.
  • A 3-hour layout with interesting fits and backstage drama.
  • Aired in over 30 languages, showcasing WWE's global talent.
  • Known for putting the standard in sports amusement.


  Known for its athletic wrestling and exciting Friday night vibe, where new stars often emerge.
  • Smackdown started in 1999 and working till the present.
  • Features athletic wrestling and Friday night exhilaration.
  • Birthplace of WWE legends like John Cena and Batista.
  • Offers speedy-paced matches and sudden twists.
  • Roster shake-u.S.At some stage in the yearly draft event.


    The biggest event featuring famous moments and a week-long celebration.
  • Wrestlemania has been working since 1985 and is still entertaining wrestling lovers to watch Wrestling.
  • WWE's largest occasion with grand sets and famous faces.
  • Hosts memorable moments etched into popular culture history.
  • A week-long celebration with occasions like the Hall of Fame rite.
  • Draws fans from around the world, solidifying WWE's worldwide attain.


  Shows off future talent with fast-paced action and intense storytelling.
  • This show was started in 2010 and is one of the fastest-growing shows of WWE.
  • Develops destiny WWE stars with high-flying movement.
  • Features interesting matches and NXT TakeOver specials.
  • Focuses on technical wrestling and storytelling.
  • Serves as a platform for talent boom and innovation.

WWE Royal Rumble

    Showcasing European talent and WWE Royal Rumble leading to WrestleMania. WWE offers various shows and documentaries on the WWE Network for all fans.
  • It was one of the primary shows of WWE and was started in 1988. The show is still entertaining the world.
  • Annual event main to WrestleMania with Marvel entrants and removal drama.
  • Features 30 wrestlers competing for a championship match at WrestleMania.
  • Known for strategic alliances, stunning betrayals, and last-second saves.
  • Sets the level for essential storylines and anticipation for WrestleMania.


  • This show was released in 2018 and worked only for four years as it was closed in 2022.
  • A platform for European wrestlers with a blend of British and excessive flying motion.
  • Built sturdy partnerships with independent promotions, showcasing various expertise.
  • Home of the prestigious NXT UK Championship with technically superb matches.
  • Many NXT UK stars have transitioned to the principal roster, enriching WWE's skills pool.